About us

Together, we have over 250 years of experience in the transport industry

Our employees have a total of over 250 years of experience in transport and logistics.

LoadMaster offers distribution of goods both at home and abroad through a well-developed network.

We can also contribute to customs clearance and direct transport, distribution via terminal or storage of goods. Our charterers are flexible and solution-oriented with regard to implementation.

LoadMaster is known for its smart solutions within express, as well as handling assignments that are outside the normal framework.


Are Elgåen

Are Elgåen


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Find us

A map explaining where to drive your truck to our terminal.
1 = Office
2 = Terminal office

Leiraveien 11, 2000 Lillestrøm, Norway

Questions and answers

Are there any transport missions you can't solve?

No, we can help you with almost everything.

Send us a request to booking@loadmaster.no, and we will give you a quick response.

Do you have a customer portal?

We have a customer portal where you can access the following functionality:

  • Check the price of transport
  • Book a transport order
  • Check the status of shipments
  • Search historical shipments and retrieve statistics
  • Retrieve a copy of the transport invoice

Contact post@loadmaster.no to get access to your customer portal.

How long is the terminal open?

Our terminal is open from 07:00-17:00.

Trucks loading/unloading many consignments should arrive well before closing.

The office is open from 08:00-16:00

What is the current Diesel surcharge?

pr. 01.08.2022: 16,31%

pr. 01.09.2022: 16,45%

pr. 01.10.2022: 9,55%

What is the current currency surcharge?

pr. 01.07.2022 1,86%

pr 01.08.2022: 1,79%