Warehouse services

LoadMaster offers short- and long-term storage with a central location in Lillestrøm.

We have extensive outdoor areas for storage of out-of-date goods, as well as indoor storage of standard pallet goods and pick goods.

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We offer these services

Transhipment services

At our terminal, we offer transhipment of goods both via a loading ramp and with a truck.

  • Do you have goods that you have booked with an external carrier?
  • Do you need to rearrange goods on the car to make room for new loading?

Then we can help you.

Transhipment services


Through our 3PL (third-party logistics) solution, we manage your inventory from the order with the supplier until delivery to the customer. Our warehouse employees take receipt of the goods and sort and label them before the goods are placed in the warehouse. We then pick and pack ongoing orders from your customers.

Our WMS system (Ongoing) gives you a complete overview of the inventory and has good options for extracting statistics on the flow of goods.


Short term storage

Depending on the need, we can temporarily store larger or smaller batches of goods outside or inside.

Short term storage

Questions and answers

Are there any transport missions you can't solve?

No, we can help you with almost everything.

Send us a request to booking@loadmaster.no, and we will give you a quick response.

Do you have a customer portal?

We have a customer portal where you can access the following functionality:

  • Check the price of transport
  • Book a transport order
  • Check the status of shipments
  • Search historical shipments and retrieve statistics
  • Retrieve a copy of the transport invoice

Contact post@loadmaster.no to get access to your customer portal.

How long is the terminal open?

Our terminal is open from 07:00-17:00.

Trucks loading/unloading many consignments should arrive well before closing.

The office is open from 08:00-16:00

What is the current Diesel surcharge?

pr. 01.08.2022: 16,31%

pr. 01.09.2022: 16,45%

pr. 01.10.2022: 9,55%

What is the current currency surcharge?

pr. 01.07.2022 1,86%

pr 01.08.2022: 1,79%