LoadMaster offers nationwide distribution through partnerships with local expertise and terminals throughout Norway, with daily departures to and from the major cities.

We are a modern freight forwarding company with extensive experience in complex transport solutions. The high expertise of our freight forwarders, combined with the local knowledge of our partners, allows us to deliver high-quality transportation services, enabling your business to focus on its core operations.

We handle part load, groupage, crane truck services, express deliveries, home deliveries, and other specialized goods.

LoadMaster takes a holistic approach to your logistics flow, ensuring you receive an optimal transport solution. We are solution-oriented, and we excel at managing your logistics needs!

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We offer these services


Groupage are smaller shipments suitable for regular distribution vehicles with a weight not exceeding 2.5 tons and a maximum length of 2.4 meters.

We provide groupage throughout Norway with daily departures to the major cities.



If you have transpor tat that require special vehicles or extra attention, or if you need advice and guidance to find a suitable solution, we have a project department that can assist with consulting and planning.

As our customer, you can expect to be supported through every step of the journey.


Part Loads

Part Loads or FTL is larger shipments where we primarily pick up and deliver directly. This is suitable for larger quantities, large and irregular cargo, and requires easy access for a large truck at the pickup and delivery points.

We deliver Part Loads through our extensive network in Norway as well as to and from the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

Part Loads

Home delivery

LoadMaster offers home delivery services throughout Norway, and we excel in delivering furniture and goods that require extra care. We place a strong emphasis on effective communication with the recipient during deliveries, ensuring that the customer experience, from the moment of ordering from your store to the delivery, is as smooth as possible.

Our standard service includes delivery to the curb, but in and around the largest cities, we also offer indoor delivery, assembly, and returns.

Home delivery

Crane delivery

When the cargo cannot be delivered at the door or is not suitable for regular transportation, we have equipment to handle most crane-related tasks.

We dispatch the cargo with a crane truck directly from our terminal or combine it with line-haul to a terminal near the delivery location, conducting crane truck operations only when essential.

We have extensive experience in finding effective and cost-efficient solutions for crane delivery.

Crane delivery

Questions and answers

Are there any transport missions you can't solve?

No, we can help you with almost everything.

Send us a request to, and we will give you a quick response.

Do you have a customer portal?

Our customer portal provides access to a range of convenient features, including the ability to:

  • Verify transport prices
  • Place transport orders
  • Track shipment statuses
  • Access historical shipment records and statistics
  • Obtain copies of transport invoices

Contact to get access to your customer portal.

How long is the terminal open?

Our terminal is open from 07:00-16:00.

Trucks loading/unloading many consignments should arrive well in advance of closing time.

The office is open from 08:00-16:00